The Weekly Select 02/24/2017

The Weekly Select 02/24/2017

The Weekly Select is a roundup of influencer marketing news, social media updates, and fun things we’re excited to share, presented to you every Friday morning before you head off into your weekend.

  1. Sometimes more is more! Instagram’s new album feature is super useful and has more benefit than meets the eye.
  2. Did this two person chat just pick up a third wheel? It looks like Facebook may start suggesting AI generated products and restaurants on Messenger.
  3. Speaking of Facebook, it now boasts a job search feature, but it’s too early to say if the easy-to-use feature will be able to compete with LinkedIn and other sites known for job listings. #TimeWillTell
  4. Have you ever heard the term visual listening? Internet users have made the shift from words to visuals in a big way, and brands are following the trend in order to keep up with their markets.

Are you interested in learning about influencer marketing but don’t know where to start? Check out this handy infographic that gets right to the heart of what a social media influencer is.

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