Building Long-Term Influencer Partnerships

Building Long-Term Influencer Partnerships

At the core of all successful influencer marketing collaborations is authenticity and trust. When the influencer and brand are a natural fit for each other, a consistent long-term influencer partnership helps to strengthen that message and sense of trust with consumers over time.

Here are a few things to consider when establishing long-term influencer partnerships:

Identifying an authentic influencer partner is key to building out a successful long-term partnership. This involves having a thorough understanding of the influencer’s lifestyle, interests, beliefs, values, etc to ensure that they align with that of your brand and product. Established relationships and in-depth knowledge and understanding of such information is critical to devising an effective influencer marketing plan. Yes, reach and engagement are very important factors for selecting the right influencer partner, but if that influencer is not a good fit for your brand or product, not only is the campaign going to be unsuccessful, but both the brand and influencer also risk losing credibility and trust. With the right influencer strategy though, this risk of damaged reputations is easily avoidable. Social media users are very in tune with the influencers they follow, so when an influencer partners with a brand that genuinely aligns with their lifestyle, followers value that as a trusted recommendation and are more inclined to act.

Working together on the collaboration is crucial for maintaining a genuine and mutually beneficial partnership. It is important for brands to initially always share their brand brief with all creative direction, talking points, and requirements that they would like included in their sponsored content. That brand messaging should also be made personal to the specific influencer though, tailored to their lifestyle, and infused with their personality. Not only does allowing for influencer voice and creativity add to the credibility of the campaign and receptiveness of influencer audiences, but it communicates trust and respect to your influencer partner, making them feel more invested in your brand and partnership.

Post metrics and performance stats should be used as tools to adjust and improve the partnership as needed. One of the many benefits of a long-term influencer partnership is that you are able to track the receptiveness of the influencers’ audience to your message over time and adjust accordingly. Having insight on influencer posts (best posting time for highest engagement, content of posts with most positive sentiment, comments and feedback from followers, etc) gives both the brand and influencer the power to adapt the posts to what their followers are most interested in. This will keep audiences engaged and receptive to the partnership.

Jessica of Mommas Gone City is a long-term partner and ambassador of Black Forest Organics gummies. Through regularly sharing the way the brand seamlessly fits into her family lifestyle and on-the-go daily routine, Jessica’s promotion as a busy mom wanting to feed her kids healthy snacks on the go provides Black Forest Organics with credibility and relatability amongst their target audience.

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