InstaEats: How Instagram Is Changing The Way We Eat

InstaEats: How Instagram Is Changing The Way We Eat

Instagram is where trends like the avocado toast craze, Starbucks’ infamous unicorn latte obsession, and outrageous milkshakes from Black Tap Burger Bar flourish. It also played a hand in creating diet trends such as the Paleo and Whole 30 diets by providing a platform for those following the popular diets to connect and share their recipes and tips for adhering to the new lifestyle. (#Paleo has been used in nearly 11 million posts and #Whole30 has been tagged in nearly 3 million posts on Instagram) .

Aimee Song sharing a #Whole30 friendly restaurant recommendation and engaging audience asking for tips to adhering to the diet. See post here.

Belly Bible providing Black Tap Craft Burger with plenty of exposure and positive brand sentiment (see comments) celebrating Friday with their outrageous birthday cake shake. See post here.

Allowing for easy discovery of recipes and restaurants tailored to your specific food preferences, allergies, and lifestyle, Instagram has become not only the place to share what you’re eating, but also to learn of new eats and eateries. With a search of food-related hashtags (#vegan, #kidfriendlyfood #plantbased, etc) or by following different recipe curators and influencers in the food space, you are able to find new foods and learn different cooking styles, health benefits, eateries, etc suited to your taste.

Kristina of Fully Raw Kristina has cultivated a community of plantbased eaters and those in seek of a healthy lifestyle and inspiration. Here she shares her fully raw vegan lunch from Dubai plant-based cafe, Life ‘N One, as she expresses gratitude for such cafes making a healthier lifestyle more accessible for people around the world. See post here.

The platform presents a unique opportunity for food brands and restaurants to share their brand personality and interact directly with consumers. Through partnerships with prominent Instagram influencers who represent the lifestyle of their brand, food brands and restaurants are also able to tap into trusted influencer communities to authentically align themselves with that desirable influencer lifestyle.

Insta-famous Alfred Tea Room has built a lifestyle around their coffee and tea brand with not only their delicious drinks, but also their photo-worthy decor and sense of community they’ve created on social media. Here they share a snap of prominent lifestyle blogger, Caroline enjoying their iced coffee. See post here.

Providing a platform for users to build a  lifestyle and community around food, Instagram has totally changed the way we discover new eats and share what’s on our plate.  But the real question remains, if you didn’t Instagram your breakfast did you even eat breakfast?

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