Quick Tips for Marketing Your Hotel On Social Media

Quick Tips for Marketing Your Hotel On Social Media

Hotel marketing requires building a compelling story and desirable experience around your hotel to create an emotional connection with customers. Hotels must be innovative and creative in marketing efforts in order to stand out and differentiate themselves from others. A good hotel marketing campaign will appeal to new customers while serving as a reminder to loyal customers as to why they prefer that hotel over other options.

Jetsetter, Chiara of The Blonde Salad has a long-term relationship with Leading Hotels of The World and consistently shares the beautiful hotels she calls home during her travels, focusing on the elevated and luxury experience of each resort. Here she is at the beautiful Hotel Santa Caterina on the Amalfi Coast. See post here.

Hotels with multiple locations face a unique challenge of marketing each location uniquely while still maintaining a strong central brand identity. This is accomplished by highlighting unique amenities, views, perks, or attractions of different hotel locations allows you to market the unique experience of each hotel while still keeping brand messaging consistent.

Will of Bright Bazaar shares his unique experience at Marriott’s Renaissance Hotels, The Lodge at Sonoma by focusing on hotel elements that create a one-of-a-kind experience and feeling. From the beautiful sunsets and atmosphere to the great service and cottage bungalow accommodation, Will portrays the hotel as the best way to experience Sonoma. See post here.

Once you’ve established your brand message and personality and shared your hotel experience, it’s time to get audiences involved.  Encouraging social media users to post their favorite experience at your hotel and then re-sharing those on your brand account gets customers involved and helps to build that sense of community and earn more loyal customers through the relatable experiences of others.

The Ritz Carlton reposts a photo that was originally shared by photographer, Tino on his Instagram account. By sharing their Majestic Chapel at their Bali resort through the eyes of a customer, the experience is seen as more credible and relatable. See post here.

It’s time to start establishing a sense of community and personality around your hotel in order to make your hotel experience more relatable and approachable by your target audience.

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